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Coffee Plantation Visit

We stand for 100% Organic coffee, grown fair trade with respect and appreciation to the people behind, the environment and our world!

It’s amazing how much hard work, love, passion and patients goes into each little Coffee Bean until it gets made to your perfect shot of Espresso !! <3

It is great to see that FAIR trade is still possible ! That you can treat humans in all areas with respect, care, love and dignity and that you can make a change where ever you at – with a commitment to people and honest values !

More pictures of our visit to one of our coffee plantations below #fairtrade #organic #zerocarbonfootprint

CEO & Founder Elena Weber and Roast Master Jonas while checking the quality on one of the plantations.

Coffee tasting session with the team

View over the coffee plantation of our house coffee beans, what a beautiful world and nature we life in, let’s make sure we do our best to en-heritage it to our children.

Much Love, your Icons Fam

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