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Icons® Licensing and Franchise Opportunities

Become an Icons Licensing or Franchise Partner!

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There is a saying that your friends are the family you choose; we see it in the same way with our partners. Our partners are the business family we choose. That´s why our partners get so much more than just a license to use our brand, proprietary recipes and operating system.

Your personal franchise success is our no.1 focus!

You join an organization that is focused on individual franchisee success with a real commitment to help our business family members maximize their potential.

Franchise Services

Power of Branding

Our Franchisees receive the license to use the “Icons Coffee Couture” name, logo, all services and trademarks of Icons Coffee Couture and benefit from our corporate marketing and brand building activities.

Store design, branding and fit-out

Technical support in relation to customized store designs and layouts and provision of samples of store designs and layouts, building material, sample charts and site development plans. Assistance in the production of architectonic images and interior and exterior look and feel of each store.

Full Training, System and Support

All franchise benefit from customized package of training both prior to launch as well as on an ongoing basic. This focuses on retailing skills, product knowledge and training baristas to produce the typical Icons coffee and individual products.

Product supply and Product Development

Our franchisees benefit from negotiated rates and discounts with suppliers, our unique product developments and ongoing improvements as well as new varieties to satisfy changing needs, tastes and preferences.

Marketing and Brand Development

Our franchisees will be supported with a full promotional calendar, from prior, to launch as well as for the ongoing basis. Beside that our franchisees benefit from our fully branded point of sale and merchandising packages especially designed to maximize your sales.

Operational Assistance

Our Franchisees are provided with a complete set of manuals, from establishing, management, training, service, marketing manuals to help develop their business with ongoing support that will ensure the highest standards.


Who is the perfect Icons Coffee Couture Owner?

We as a company are, what our franchisees personally are – your talents, your passion, your actions and your success. Because we, as company, are the result of all parts together.That’s why it´s so important to us to select qualified owners, who share our vision, have the motivation, skills and aptitude required to be successful.

(1)+(2) Single Unite Franchise Partner

Business Experience and Strong skills

Your previous business experience will be a primary factor in your selection. This experience does not necessarily have to be in the coffee & food industry. More than we need people with strong business background with special emphasis on people handling skills and management.

Financial Qualifications, depending on the franchise model

Franchising requires a substantial investment from franchisees, so your financial qualifications must be carefully assessed. You must be financially able to provide the initial cash investment as well as working capital

Share our Vision, Lifestyle and Values

We at Icons believe that if you do something you love you never have to work a day in your life again. If you share our Vision, Lifestyle, Values and Passion, Icons Coffee Couture is the perfect way to enjoy what you do while building wealth.

(3) Country & Area Development Partner

For our international development we are looking to award Country and Area Development rights to established businesses who have preferable already experience in franchising other brands within their market. Our international franchise partners will have therefore on top the following further evaluation criteria:

Local industry knowledge

– Understand the dynamics of operating a successful foodservice business.
– Knowledge of the local market, including relationships with suppliers.
– Ability to grow the concept into a nationally/provincially recognized brand.
– Clear strategic plan.
– Experience in winning customer loyalty.

Access to property

– Knowledge of local property markets to advice on locations.
– Access to prime locations in top tier cities.
– Leverage consumer interest through multi-distribution channels.

Access to capital

– Experience in phased capital programmes.
– Ability to fund further expansion in order to roll-out on a national/provincial level.

Interested to be part of the ICONS Family?

These are the required steps to become an ICONS Coffee Couture Owner. We thank you for your interest in our brand and hope to welcome you soon.

Please Click here to download the Icons Franchise Evaluation Form and send the filled application to or fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.

Company Information / Please answer all questions
Applicants Franchise Plans / Please answer all questions

Privacy policy all information provided is kept confidential and will not be disclosed except for purposes of verification

Thanks for submitting!

In submitting the foregoing application and statement, the undersigned guarantees its accuracy with the intent that it be relied upon in granting a franchise and extending credit to the undersigned and warrants that he/she has not knowingly withheld any information that might affect his/her credit risk, and the undersigned expressly agrees to notify Franchisor immediately in writing of any material change in his/her financial condition whether application for further credit is made or not and in the absence of such written notice, it is expressly agreed that Franchisor in granting a franchise or credit may rely on this statement as having the same force and effect as if delivered upon the date additional credit is requested or existing credit is extended or continued. The undersigned consents and authorizes Franchisor to conduct a background check which may include investigation of employment history, educational background, criminal history, military records, credit history and department of motor vehicle records.

All information derived from the above shall be kept confidential and be used by Franchisor for internal evaluation purposes only. The undersigned certifies that each part of the application and financial statements here of and the information inserted herein has been carefully read and is true and correct. All information shared through ICONS Worldwide LLC and it's employees is proprietary, confidential, and comprises the trade secrets of ICONS Coffee Couture. You agree to maintain the absolute confidentiality of all such proprietary information. You agree that you will not use any such information in any other business or in any manner not specifically authorized or approved in writing by ICONS Worldwide LLC. 

The confidential information are at all times the sole property of ICONS Worldwide LLC and must be returned in case  of noncooperation in terms of a franchise agreement. 

I have read and understand the Statement of Confiden-tiality and will abide by its terms and conditions.

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